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Green Fins is the first and world's only assessed environmental set of standards for SCUBA diving and snorkelling centres. Those centres who agree to follow the Code of Conduct have to undergo a training session followed by an assessment of their dive centre at least once a year to ensure that they are minimising their environmental impact. This process simply requires allowing a fully trained Green Fins Coordinator to come to the dive centre and carry out a 1 hour training presentation during a time that suits the staff. Following on from this, an Assessor, who can be recognised through having a valid Green Fins Assessor ID, then joins one of their dive trips to observe staff and customers. This allows the assessor to provide three focus areas for the dive centre to improve on before their next assessment.

This website also allows the trained assessors to log in and upload their assessment data onto our secure and private database. It allows industry wide problems such as poor briefings or lack of guidelines for guests, anchoring or issues with garbage collection to be highlighted allowing Green Fins to work more closely with government departments to address these issues.

This assessment system was developed and is maintained by The Reef-World Foundation who are the only organisation able to carry out the training of new Assessors to maintain industry wide standards. The assessment system is part of the Green Environmental Assessment Rating System (GEARS) that combined with the database allows specific threats to be targeted in collaboration with the National Management Teams. This unique and ground breaking technique for monitoring threats from the scuba and snorkel tourism industry has been in action since 2008 and has had effective and successful results. You can see more on this Assessment process on the scientific paper that was published in Ocean and Coastal Management in July 2013.

Membership Status

ACTIVE (Colour details on website) – This member has been trained to follow the Green Fins Code of Conduct and has been assessed within the last 18 months. They have successfully reduced their environmental impact and score or maintained the same as last year but have not increased their environmental impact or threat.

INACTIVE (Logo and Member details ‘greyed out’ on the website) – This member has previously been trained on the Green Fins approach and assessed but has not been assessed in the last 18 months. This could be due to a lack of cooperation on their part, change in management, or a lack of resources to enable a Green Fins Assessor to access them.

INTERESTED (Member is not on display on the public website) – This member has filled out a membership form but has not been assessed or trained.

SUSPENDED (Member is not on display on the public website) – This member has not managed to effectively reduce their threat to the marine environment in line with the Code of Conduct within 2 years, or has been involved in an activity that is seen as seriously detrimental to the marine environment.

If you are interested in joining the team as an Assessor or want to know more about how you might be able to support the team then please go to our Get Involved section.