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Maldives: North Central


Alifu Alifu Atoll


The above score is the average score of all the Green Fins members assessed in this location within the last 18 months. Scores range from 0 (no environmental impact) to a maximum of 330. The lower the score the better. The graph shows the average scores for each Code of Conduct (COC) points with the red line representing the highest possible score.

Each COC score is weighted, meaning the most environmentally threatening activities are given a higher score. This allows you to see where the impacts are occurring For more information please go to the Assessments page.

ACTIVE - Member assessed within the last 18 months
INACTIVE - Member not assessed within the last 18 months and 'greyed out'
SUSPENDED - Member is not on display


North Ari

North Ari or Alifu Alifu is regarded as one of the best Atolls in the Maldives to dive due to the variety and high quality of the dive sites within short boat rides from many of the resorts. Best known for the many thilas, a submerged pinnacle and the excellent channels or kandus divers are always treated to a large biodiversity of large pelagics including sharks, Mantas and large shoals of fish that make for exciting dives often with strong currents.

Members in Alifu Alifu Atoll