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Some Green Fins members have not been able to go through their annual assessment process due to the coronavirus outbreak. An inactive status does not mean they are not operational and we suggest you get in touch with the Green Fins member directly and ask if they are open for business. The Green Fins teams will be doing all they can to reassess members in their respective countries as soon as it is possible and safe to do so.


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Green Fins members list

Green Fins currently has over 550 members across 9 countries and is growing fast. These members who join for free consist of SCUBA diving centres or snorkel tour operators who have pledged to follow a set of standards to reduce their impact on the marine environment.

Tourists Want to Be Green

As recently revealed by the TripBarometer by TripAdvisor, the world's largest accommodation and traveller survey, 79 percent of travellers place importance on properties implementing eco-friendly practices. 

Nick Nuttall, UNEP Spokesperson and Director of Communications, said, "Studies conducted by UNEP show that more than a third of travellers favour environmentally-friendly tourism. At the same time, global spending on sustainable tourism is estimated to increase at a higher rate than the industry average growth.”

The Green Fins approach is all about having a network of educated and committed businesses who are continually reducing their impact year on year.This website helps to promote those active members who are doing just that. The members are assessed against a strict criteria that allows us to work alongside them to reduce their impact and help us to identify industry wide issues in specific locations where there is a high level of marine tourism activities.

Green Fins Member Status

ACTIVE  – This member has been trained to follow the Green Fins Code of Conduct and has been assessed within the last 18 months. They have successfully reduced their environmental impact and score or maintained the same as last year but have not increased their environmental impact or threat.

INACTIVE  – This member has previously been trained on the Green Fins approach and assessed but has not been assessed in the last 18 months. This could be due to a lack of cooperation on their part, change in management, or a lack of resources to enable a Green Fins Assessor to access them.

INTERESTED (Member is not on display on the public website) – This member has filled out a membership form but has not been assessed or trained.

SUSPENDED (Member is not on display on the public website) – This member has not managed to effectively reduce their threat to the marine environment in line with the Code of Conduct within 2 years, or has been involved in an activity that is seen as seriously detrimental to the marine environment.