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Top Members

While Reef-World is sure that all Green Fins members are working hard to protect local marine life by reducing the threats they pose to it, some are doing better than others. Where resources are available, the environmental standards of Green Fins dive and snorkel centres are assessed annually to help tourists choose the most environmentally responsible centres! The Top 10 Members list those businesses who have managed to get the lowest assessment scores out of all of the assessed Green Fins dive centres within the last 18 months. The lower the score, the less environmental impact or threat there is to the coral reefs and other marine life.

The Green Fins Members below have been ranked by score and Reef-World can assure that these members are active and current and have been trained and assessed in the last 18 months. We do our best to ensure that these members are doing the best they can to reduce their threat based on the annual assessments and information provided to us throughout the year via e-mail and other sources of information.

We are proud of the following members and we encourage tourists to choose from the list below.