Some Green Fins members have not been able to go through their annual assessment process due to the coronavirus outbreak. An inactive status does not mean they are not operational and we suggest you get in touch with the Green Fins member directly and ask if they are open for business. The Green Fins teams will be doing all they can to reassess members in their respective countries as soon as it is possible and safe to do so.





North Maluku


North Sulawesi

Bunaken Island and Manado

Nusa Tenggara Barat

Gili Trawangan

Nusa Tenggara Timur

Labuan Bajo Komodo

West Papua

Sorong & Raja Ampat

The Coral Triangle Center (CTC), a renown NGO based in Bali facilitated the launch of Green Fins Indonesia. Partnering with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), CTC launched Green Fins Indonesia in Bali in 2018. 

Since then CTC has expanded the initiative to work with members in Komodo and Maluku as well as Bali and the surrounding islands. Further expansion is planned. 

If you are a SCUBA diver operator or snorkel centre and want to reduce your impacts on the environment by being a Green Fins member then get in touch! To contact the Green Fins Indonesia team, e-mail

발리에서 다양한 조직을 지원하기 위해 그린 핀 행동 수칙을 이용한 일부 지역의 성공 사례가 있었습니다. 그러나 전반적으로 프로그램은 여전히 초창기입니다. 만약 스쿠버 다이빙이나 스노쿨링 센터의 운영자이고 환경에 대한 위험을 줄이고 싶다면, 그린 핀 회원이 되어 ‘가입방법’ 페이지를 참고하여 더 많은 정보를 알아보세요.

인도네시아 그린 핀 팀에 연락하려면 indonesia@greenfins.net으로 이메일을 보내주세요.